No matter how you slice it...

Liberty View Apples

they are as healthy as ever!


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List of good things

We are only 1.5 hrs from NYC

All Natural

Great location

5 Minutes from thruway

Beautiful Views

Many Activities

Great Host

Your Own Tree

No Admission

When you come to harvest your apples from "your leased tree" we will escort you out in the orchard and show you to it! It is that simple. We assign them when you arrive because there are a lot of things we are thinking about like: we want you to enjoy some privacy we like to have you pick a tree that is not right on top of some one else, if you have little people we like to have them away from the parking meadow, if you are on crutches we of course would like to have you as close as possible to your parked automobile. Remember; please park in rear meadow behind old metal barns - follow signs. No running, no using ladders (we have pole pickers) watch where you walk - this is a working farm. Keep in mind that where there is high grass that means there is usually a divit or hole, be careful where you walk and take care of walking thru gardens.. Please also stay out of animal pens and ponds and children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. And PLEASE no throwing anything in ponds. Bring bags, boxes and cameras. Four Legged Friends are always welcome on a lead.

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