Beyond Organic Apple Picking. 

2017 Tree Leases Sold Out

If you have not purchased a 2017 Tree Lease we are sold out. We do not have any other apples.

We are not open for regular apple picking since we sold out of our tree leases. Hope to see you next year. You can purchase a 2018 Tree Lease starting in December 2017.

 Read more about our tree lease program below.

 When you purchase from Liberty View Farm you are also supporting the many other projects we are involved with. You support us we support others!

 Best apple picking in the Hudson Valley! Best tasting apples and never over crowded. Beyond organic apples! Beautiful little farm. Very tasty heathy apples! Picking apples on our farm is pleasant, unlike there places this is not an amusement park. Beautiful down to earth little farm. Plain good old fashioned little farm. Liberty View Farm is the Hudson River Valley's  premier boutique farm.

Home of the Hudson Valley's Nocturnal Apple Picking

TripAdvisors 2016 top 19 Apple Picking Farms in America!


Our famous Lease a Tree program

Lease a tree is this farm’s unique innovation

 Lease your own tree (an Apple Tree CSA)

60 - 150 pounds of beyond organic apples- varies due to season/weather

Makes a great gift

No admission

Visit farm animals

Tour beautiful gardens

Meet like minded people

Visit beautiful farm pack a picnic

Support this local sustainable farm

Beautiful boutique farm, not an amusement park farm.


Quiet, peaceful little farm.


Help Liberty View farm support many other projects in the New York Metro Area!

When you come to harvest your apples from "your leased tree" we will escort you out in the orchard and show you to it! It is that simple. We assign them when you arrive because there are a lot of things we are thinking about like: we want you to enjoy some privacy we like to have you pick a tree that is not right on top of some one else, if you have little people we like to have them away from the parking meadow, if you are on crutches we of course would like to have you as close as possible to your parked automobile. Remember; please park in rear meadow behind old metal barns - follow signs. No running, no using ladders (we have pole pickers) watch where you walk - this is a working farm. Keep in mind that where there is high grass that means there is usually a divit or hole, be careful where you walk and take care of walking thru gardens.. Please also stay out of animal pens and ponds and children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. And PLEASE no throwing anything in ponds. Bring bags, boxes and cameras. Four Legged Friends are always welcome on a lead. 


           We also insist

           that you bring


Some more information:

Liberty View Farm is a Micro CSA.

Community supported agriculture: CSA is a partnership between a farm and members to provide some financial support throughout the year to a farmer to cover the operating budget for a growing season, including seeds,irrigation, equipment, and labor.  In return the farm provides, to the best of its ability, a healthy supply of seasonal fresh produce.  This strategy allows us to plan and grow crops with the assurance that the community will share in the harvest as well as some of the risks.  It supports a mutually supportive relationship between local farmers and members, and fosters land stewardship by helping members to understand the nature of food production. CSA helps create economically stable farm operations in which members are assured the highest quality produce and farmers are guaranteed a more reliable market for a diverse selection of crops.

Liberty View Farm also pledges to stick to a strong ecological approach to farming as well as treating and paying laborers in a socially responsible way be paying a real living wage of $15- $30 per hour.  We are working towards once again making farming an integral part of the communities everywhere.  Liberty View Farm is also part of the Slow Food Movement.  Become involved with your community, take time to slow down and enjoy life with friends and family.  Create new food memories for yourself as well as children.  Lets all move towards cultural, social and economic benefits of a sustainable food system, with regional food traditions, the pleasures of the table, and a slower and more harmonious way of life.


Liberty View Farm has cultivated relationships with other farms including Organic and Certified Naturally Grown Farms and Health Stores in the Hudson Valley where we sell them our yummy apples. 


A most unique and creative way to share in the bounty of Historic Hudson Valley. Treat yourself, friends, family and associates to an imaginative healthy experience. Naturally with a gift of nature. The gift that keeps giving: make apple pies, apple sauce preserves even make your own apple chips!





Liberty View Farm Tree Lease Membership 2015


50 - 150+ lbs Certified Naturally Grown fruit on average per tree.



Fresh Nutrient dense delicious fruit.


From a Healthy Happy Environment.


If requested; you can give a Beautiful, Personalized Tree Lease where we sustainably email it to you. All you have to do is print it out; place in an envelope or wrap in a box.


Membership includes a share of the seasons harvest from late August thru the later middle half of October depending on variety, the weather and day of the week*. (Some days are closed due to hosting events) A list of day closures will be posted shortly. 


A whole apple tree bearing fruit just for you, your family and friends. Fresh locally grown healthy apples! A terrific gift that keeps giving throughout the year. We do all the work you just come and enjoy! 


1 in 10 adults and 1 in 5 children who live in our country live in poverty. Feel good in the fact that Liberty View Farm donates lots of apple trees to local food pantries like People's Place. If you would like to volunteer to help us pick those apples feel free to send me an email.


We look forward to seeing you all on the farm!

 Empire Apple Tree lease $99


Naturally grown apples like ours have the stamp of nature. Blemishes are nature's stamp that our fruit has been grown without unhealthy pesticides. 

Nocturnal Apple Picking


New to the farm this year and I think a first in the Hudson Valley. I thought this would be a great way to enjoy a unique way of picking with friends and family under the stars!

Last Week of August - First Week of September


Ginger Gold


Macintosh hard ripe - great for pies, eating, applesauce and salads



First - Second Week of September


Macintosh old sturdy apples, great for pies, eating, applesauce and salads


Ginger Gold


Cortland apples are great for eating raw as they don't brown easily.


Second - Third Week of September


Cortland tastes very much like the Macintosh, but slightly more tart; eating, applesauce and baking


Second - Third Week of September




Third - Fourth Week of September




Third - Fourth Week of September




Empire Cross between a Macintosh and Red Delicious, sweet tart flavor; for eating and salads


First - Second Week of October


Empire Cross between a Macintosh and Red Delicious, sweet tart flavor; for eating and salads


Second - Third Week of October



Empire If we have frost Empires are magical, the starches are converted into sugar and they become very very sweet crispy and juicy!