Come to Liberty View Farm for a day or two. We might even have a bed for you to stay overnight! RSVP by texting Farmer Billiam!


Liberty View Farm is also registered on WWoof!  We are a WWoof-ing farm you can also sign up and register there!

Busy time of year getting the farm ready for all the things we do also really need help to plant seedlings for farm and food pantry!


At this time we naturally have to unite, surrounding ourselves with like minded people is very powerful. People helping people, friends and families planting up garden beds for a greater cause. Learning about the simple good things in life. sharing recipes and the fruits of their labor with loved ones and their community.. A simple wonderful meaningful way to get back to basics and make an impact. 


In 2019 the heart of the Hudson River Valley is going to do something amazing. Friends and families will be replacing lawns with beds. Edible landscapes are beautiful, easy and do more than just sit there like grass. Liberty View Farm started years ago and now you can too. It’s easy and we will help teach you how.


Become part of the Pop-Up Food Revolution!

Liberty View Farm ~ People’s Place  

Gleaning for Hudson Valley food pantries....

Gleaning for Hudson Valley food pantries....

It's crazy that so many people are hungry everyday.

For years Liberty View Farm has been donating apples and has been very involved with several charities, and this year we have expanded our mission in a huge way. In 2015 Liberty View Farm donated 30,000 lbs of fruit and vegetables. Moving forward the next few years we will use this as a template to help other farms get involved. One in four children face food insecurity, how can this be in our great country? For many years this has been an important issue for Billiam, he also sits on the Executive Board of Directors for Peoples Place Food pantry in Kingston, NY, the largest in Ulster County. Other organizations we work with include: Dutchess Outreach, Ulster Corps, Poughkeepsie Plenty and Rondout Valley Growers Network.


Growing food is a lot of work, growing healthy food is even more work, growing food to give away is even more work. This is important to us so we do it but we can always use help. 

You will jump for joy helping us grow food! We work with you and have a good time doing it. Meet like minded people, learn gardening, get some fresh air and sunshine, swap recipes, pack a picnic and share some of the fruits of our labor and know that on Liberty View Farm we really do make a difference!

Contact us to volunteer or intern!



Let’s help each other by growing together and having fun while doing it!

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